The evolution of the UGLY shoe

When it comes to shoes, ugly is the new pretty. So why are we all so obsessed?

Trend: We’re all dressing like kids

A bout of ‘90s nostalgia has led to a spike in childrenswear-inspired clothes.

Swimwear trends for summer

Check out the six trends you’ll want to get on board when the thermostat rises.

Is the hipster dead?

Or have they just smartened up? (Plus 12 clothing items that signal you are one.)

No-one's wearing beige heels anymore

Celebs are kicking things up a gear in sharpened-up Crayola-coloured pumps.

The best of French street style

WARNING: extremely stylish content. These street-style pics are bound to make you swoon.

Six couture trends to try in real life

So we know couture runways are extremely OTT, but that doesn’t mean there’s no take-home for normal people.

Thing you need to see at Chanel Couture show

Pregnant brides, exxy thongs and spiked quiffs – welcome to Karl Lagerfeld’s imagination.

The ugly shoe debate

The SHOP team states their claim, weighing in on what they will and will not be seen in.

The new "it" bags

Move over Birkin and Chanel 2.55, here’s the new save-you-pennies-for totes.

Tennis trends that work on and off court

For some (translation: us) the grand glams are just as much about fashion as it is the action.

Menswear Fashion Week 2015

We present the top trends from the shows that you need to know. (No matter your gender.)


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