Search for the perfect bra goes viral

Adjusting your bra as you read this? There’s a website you need to know about.

The quest for a bra that fits just right is a never-ending one for most women. But website and online community A Bra That Fits is up for the challenge – the more unusual your cup size, the better.

The Reddit community launched around two years ago but has seen a surge of popularity recently – presumably because there are a whole lot of women out there who can’t find a comfortable bra, gosh darn it.

With the motto "Because everyone who wants one deserves a bra that fits", the subsection of online community platform Reddit has more than 12,000 followers and regularly earns a spot on Reddit’s front page.

Community members are there to help every woman find the right and style for her, even for one recent member who posted "28DD (?) looking for some fit help, please!"

So, whatever your ill-fitting bra situation, you know what to do. Let us know if A Bra That Fits has helped you!



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